Work From Home Business Opportunity Why Do They Cost Money To Start?

Work From Home Business Opportunity Why Do They Cost Money To Start?In my home business opportunity I get lots of questions from people all the time and one of the most common questions that I receive from people reaching out to me via email, phone, and even Facebook is why does it cost money to join your home business opportunity?

Why isn’t it free like a normal job.  I decided its time to address this question more in depth then I may have in previous blogs that I have written.

This blog post is going to explain it all and the reasons why most if not all work from home business opportunity costs money to start.

Home Business Opportunity VS A Regular Business!

One huge confusion when it comes to finding a home business opportunity is that most people including me before I joined a home business opportunity was that I was always used to working for someone else and looking for a JOB.

In our profession a JOB stands for “Just Over Broke”.  Lets face it.  Most online and offline jobs unless you report to a grocery store, Walmart, Burger King, etc are a home business opportunity that you will work from home.

So if your looking for a JOB then you most likely would go to any of the places mentioned above or other companies and then go there and fill out a work form and wait for a interview.  Some even request you provide them a resume.  You can even go online and look at your local newspaper’s want ads along with sites like, or some major companies websites.

But if your looking to work from home then you would need to find a home business opportunity.

The biggest confusion I think when it comes to finding a work from home business opportunity is that most people are so accustom to working for someone else and looking for “jobs”…(Just-Over-Broke).  I’d say 99% of work from home opportunities are home business opportunities…not job opportunities. Unless you’ve found a job through,, or some other large job placement website….if you’re looking at a work from home opportunity, you’re most likely looking at a business opportunity.

So what is the difference with a business compared to a home business opportunity?  With a business you get up, get dressed, get in your car, drive to work, work 9-5 or whatever your hours are.  Some people work second and third shift.

At your business you are getting compensated by the service you are providing to your company.  You more then likely have a manger who reports to a manager, who reports to another manager, who reports to another one and we find that there are more chiefs then Indians.

The amount of Money you earn will be determined on how well you do your job and the value you provide the company.  Now what happens when your manager doesn’t like you ?

Have you been part of a team where you don’t feel you are recognized for the job you do?  How fair is that?  Its not.  But it is how the world works.

Now a “home business opportunity”:  You will build your business by doing the work once and you put people or a system in place to keep running smooth on a daily basis.  You work for yourself and how much you put into your home business opportunity is what you will get out of it.

You are the one who has control over your income as well as your time.  You are not required to put in a 9-5 and in most cases working a home business opportunity you work less hours and have more time to spend with your family or doing the things that produce a freedom that you don’t have working a JOB

So there is a really big difference between a JOB in a regular business then working a home business opportunity.

What Is The Real Cost Of A Job Working For A Business VS A Working From Home Business Opportunity?

Most people don’t think they have to pay for anything when working for a Business.  But that is the farthest from the truth.  It always makes me shake my head and laugh when someone will ask why they should pay to join a home business opportunity and work from home.

Before my wife had to stop working due to her Multiple Sclerosis.  We like every other family had to sit down and do a budget.  We were very surprised what we found out how much it cost for her to actually work.

This is something you should also think about doing.  Sit down and think about how much you spend, Daycare, Fuel, Wear and Tear on your car, Breakfast, Lunch, Clothes.. etc.  But one of the other things is time.  Time away from your family.

My wife brought home at the time $2,100 a month.  Here is what we found.

Expense           Cost

Gas                    $500 a month

Food                  $200 a month

Clothes              $200 a month

Daycare            $1,000 a month

Total Expenses:  $1,900 a month

It was really shocking to say the least.

So my wife made $2,100 a month and her expenses were $1,900 a month and what was left over $200 dollars.

We were floored that she only came home with $200 dollars a month after all the costs that were associated with working a job at a business.

So when my wife had to stop working due to her Multiple Sclerosis it was really a no brainer for her to stop working  We had to only make up $200 dollars a month to keep us in the “Lifestyle” we were accustomed to.

I thought about getting another job at a local fast food restaurant or our local Wal Mart to help cover and make up the $200 dollars a month but I could see that was not the right decision for me to make.

I decided to get the skills necessary to make up the $200 dollars a month and once you have those skills its really not that hard to do and rather easy and with the added benefit of working from home.

What Are the Costs Of A Work From Home Opportunity?

The actual costs of starting a home business and joining a work from home opportunity really can vary.  You can start as low as a few dollars a month to several thousand dollars.

Its going to depend on your experience level is, What type of Goals you have, and how Quickly you want to accomplish them.Work From Home Business Opportunity Why Do They Cost Money To Start?

So your still thinking “Why Should I Have To Pay To Start?” Think about it.  You have to pay for Daycare for your children, Gas for your car so you can get to work.

It would be like saying you shouldn’t have to pay for any of those expenses  The reality is you just do and don’t think twice about it.

Just like putting gas in your car, your home business opportunity has expenses and costs too.

But I will say this loud and clear.  ” If your not willing to put any money into your home business opportunity” then DON’T START A BUSINESS……

What Are The Costs Of Your Home Business Opportunity And What Are You Paying For?

No matter what you do in life you need to learn and get an education.  It doesn’t matter what you want to be or what career you choose.  The same goes for your home business opportunity.

You will typically be paying for your education, training, and the tools you need to get started.

Why do you think it costs so much to go to college and get a degree or go to a trade school and learn a trade.

I had done another blog about the cost of a McDonald’s franchise.  You can spend anywhere from $685,000 – $1,500,000 and also add a $45,000 franchise fee.

Education tends to be the most cost and to be successful you have to invest in yourself no matter what home business opportunity you choose.

Some of the tools you may need to start would be your own website to blog like the one I have.  Learning to do video’s to promote your home business opportunity, How about a autoresponder to collect names of customers and those who are interested in your products or home business opportunity.


So what exactly are you paying for anyways??

Here’s the deal…when starting a business you’re typically paying for your education, training, and tools to get started.  Think about it…if you wanted to become a Realtor you would need to pay for real estate licensing classes, pay to get licensed in your state, join the Board of Realtors, and then find a Real Estate Broker to work for.  I don’t know of any business that you can start for free….do you? How much does a McDonald’s or Subway franchise costs these days….1-2 Million dollars??

Work From Home Business Opportunity Why Do They Cost Money To Start?Education is typically the largest part of what you’re purchasing when getting started working from home.  If you don’t already know how to do it, then you’re going to need to pay to learn how to do it.  What do Colleges sell people??  Education!  What do people do when they want to learn how to be an accountant, engineer, personal trainer, or any other profession??  They invest in their education so they can acquire the skills they need to perform the job or task they want to.  It’s the same thing when starting a home business.  You need to invest into your education so you know how to market, how to reach potential customers, how to capture leads, and how to convert those leads into sales.  These are skills any business owner needs whether offline or online.

Tools…once you have your education you’ll need some tools to help you get going.  This could be your own website/blog, it could be tools that help you automate your business or make things easier for you.  For me I have my own blog to attract visitors, I have video hosting so I can post videos, and then tools that help me do research about who I want to target my blog posts and videos to.  I also have an autoresponder that allows me to build up an email list of customers so I can keep in touch with them automatically.

As you can see you’re starting a real business and like any business there are costs associated with it…but the benefits typically far outweigh any negatives in my opinion.

There are also TAX Savings with your home business opportunity that you don’t get with a regular business.  I did a blog post on this benefit as well.

Home Business Opportunity Summary

Sometimes I tend to write a book.  But I wanted to really point out the benefits of a home business opportunity over a regular JOB at a business.

Once you understand it and it makes sense you will see a home business opportunity is right for you too.

So remember:

  • Work from home business opportunity are a home business and not a job at a business
  • Any and All businesses require some form of start up money
  • You are investing in yourself by getting the education, training, support and tools that you will need to be successful.
  • The education you receive is allot less expensive then going to college.
  • Tax benefits of a home business opportunity is something you cannot get working for someone at a JOB.

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Work From Home Business Opportunity Why Do They Cost Money To Start?

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Work From Home Business Opportunity Why Do They Cost Money To Start?






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