TSU Review Has Facebook Met Its Match? New Social Media Site

unnamedI wanted to do a TSU review for this new social media site that has recently launched.  I was recently introduced to TSU today and figured I would check it out.  My main point of social media like most other is Facebook.

But the sad thing about Facebook is that they seem to be changing the rules almost daily.  They make updates that most of us don’t like.  They claim to be for social media but if you accept to many friend requests you get put in Facebook jail.

Yes accepting too many friend request.  If you make a post to your own timeline and make another one too quickly you get a capatcha which means your close to being in FB jail and I am sure that you have seen some of what I am discussing.

The last straw with Facebook for me was when I could not even post my own blog to my wall.  I would need to put a capatcha in to post.  If your not familiar with what a capatcha is its a little picture or box of numbers that comes up and says type in the phrase or numbers above to proceed.

So I would do that and then come to find out that when clicking on my blog post my readers would get a notification from Facebook that this site may be unsafe.

What the heck?  Its just my blog post that I wanted to share and when you try to reach out to Facebook support good luck with that.  I would have loved to know why my website www.workwithvince.com was “unsafe or spam”.

To post my blog on Facebook I created this site and posted the same posts with no issue.  Go figure…  So when a new social media platform came out which is TSU i knew that I had to try it out and do a TSU Review.  So if you want to learn more about TSU then you have come to the right place.

TSU Review What Is TSU?

One thing right off the bat that is cool.  Although I don’t believe you will get rich off of TSU is that TSU pays you and Facebook does not.

With “TSU” you can monetize your social media content.  When you create content you can utilize your TSU short code where mine is (http://tsu.co/vmazzie ) to invite others to join.

TSU uses your short code that tracks & distributes 100% f the social economics of the platform to its users.  The more relevent that a users content is and the larger a persons network is the greater opportunity for monetization.

Will you get rich using TSU.  Not sure I believe that.  But right now Facebook is getting rich off of you.

TSU is free to join and you won’t have to pay a thing to be a member.  You use it like Facebook.  If you just love posting about your life you can do the same thing with TSU.

If you have a business opportunity you want to share with the world.  You can do that also with TSU.

If you post a picture of your cat or dog doing something amazing and the posts gets shared and goes viral you could earn some income for that.  Can’t with Facebook… and another cool thing is you can post from TSU to Facebook and even Twitter…

Here is a quick video that I did going over TSU and other then the color it looks very familiar to Facebook.

TSU Review A Little More Information

TSU launched this past Tuesday, October 21, 2014.  TSU’s office is located in New York and launched with a $7 million dollar investment let by Sancus Capital Prive.

One of the keys that I mentioned above is that TSU is splitting ad revenue with users and paying users to actively post on the TSU platform.

TSU will only take 10% of the ad revenue that is being generated and passing the other 90% back to its users.TSU Review New Social Media Site Read This First

So the ad revenue is distributed to users based on how many organic posts-views they get during that 24 hr period.  The more engagement you get the larger portion of the profits

This is a awesome idea and one that Facebook should utilize.  You create the content you should be able to earn a bit off it.

I know I have seen tons of cool content on Facebook and liked, commented and shared.  Now its nice to know that by doing so I could be helping someone earn a little revenue too.

Some of the celebrities that are using TSU already are 50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony.  Sometimes celebrity users can help get a new site launched quickly.

I know that I was pretty much sick of how Facebook treated me and others who have reached out so its nice to have another platform to be on.

The early attention that TSU is receiving doesn’t mean that its going to dethrone Facebook.  But if it can put a little scare into it where Facebook starts treating its users better and providing a great user experience then its worth it.

TSU Review My Final Thoughts!

I listed the reasons why it was a breath of fresh air to find a new social media platform other then Facebook.  My hope is that TSU takes off and makes Facebook look at the things they are lacking like customer service and to be a real social media platform that they claim to be.

Why a person cannot reach them directly just blows my mind.  Shows me they don’t really care about their users.  Like with my website.  If there is something they don’t like I would love to know what it is so that I can fix it.  But you can not get a hold of anyone at Facebook.

If your a business or have a business it cannot hurt to have another place to advertise.

social_networksIf you love posting about your life.  You have another opportunity to do so.

TSU being new I am not going to totally give up Facebook but will be posting in both places to take advantage of the additional social media exposure.

I personally think TSU is a win/win for everyone.  So please check TSU out by going here ==> http://tsu.co/vmazzie <==  This is FREE and they will not ask you at all for a credit card.

Would also like for as many comments as possible to what you think of TSU.  It does remind me allot of Facebook and was so easy to set up.

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TSU Review New Social Media Site Read This First

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