Tips On How To Backup Your WordPress Site Easily

Tips On How To Backup Your WordPress Site Easily One of the things people do not do and should me included is back up your site which is why I created a quick how to backup your WordPress site blog and video.

A few questions that you should ask yourself is.. Do you know how often your host backs up your files and your WordPress site database?

How about how much do they charge to restore the backup to your WordPress site?

Lets say they only backup your WordPress Site once a month or once every few months.  What happens to all the posts, comments, and images if your site is corrupted, hacked, or somehow deleted? 

This is why its important to learn how to backup your WordPress site.  The more frequently you back up the database the less you will have to manually input if something tragic happens to your WordPress site.

I once belonged to a company that their claim to fame was using their blog would provide you better rankings then if you used their own.  They called it the “viral blogging platform”.

Originally they used WordPress but then had a not so brainy idea to move to a different platform entirely.  I lost over 300 blog posts during that move that I never could get back.

Losing that many made me realize that I never want to count on another company to support or backup my database.  This company would not allow you to even make backups.  I was young at the time in this business so I lived and learned.  Never again.

Plus with a few tweaks you can get your WordPress site to be Google and Alexa friendly so you don’t need someone else to have control over your site.  You need to be the one with control.

Tips On How To Backup Your WordPress Site A Quick Video That Explains All

Here is a quick video that I did on how to backup your WordPress site showing you the steps you need to do to backup via the cPanel and also a plug in that I am currently using.

There are multiple plug ins you can use to learn how to backup your WordPress site and the one I am using WP BackitUP is Free and easy but is not the only one out there.

Go out to your plugins and click add.  Do a search on WordPress backup and see all that are available and choose the one that fits your needs.  There is also a paid version of the plug in that I am using and I am not an affiliate.  Just use it and it does what I need it to do

Tips On How To Backup Your WordPress Site Conclusion

Learning “how to backup your WordPress site” is something all of us should be doing regularly. As you learned there are ways to automate it and do it manually if you don’t want to pay the premium that some plug ins cost.Tips On How To Backup Your WordPress Site Easily

I am quite all right backing up my WordPress site manually but if you find a free version of one that you can schedule.  Please comment and let me know how it is working for you.

Learning how to backup your WordPress site is something that you will be glad you have done if something major happens to your site.  So now that you know how to backup your WordPress site.  Get to it…

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Tips On How To Backup Your WordPress Site Easily

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Tips On How To Backup Your WordPress Site Easily






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