RE247365 Relationship Energy Review Must Read First

HaRE247365 Relationship Energy Review Must Read Firstve you heard about this new and exciting business opportunity called RE247365 Relationship Energy?  Well RE247365 Residual Energy may be the first company that actually comes with a business opportunity.

I will discuss that more further down.  But with RE24365 Relationship Energy its all about building relationships and Making a residual income, Saving on products and services we already use today, and Lending Money where banks say no.. RE247365 Relationship Energy says “Yes”…

I have had several people reach out to me about RE247365 Relationship Energy and just didn’t look at it.  I was just focused at what I was promoting at the time.  Being that I am a trained marketer, I know how important it is to keep focused at the tasks in hand.

Then I had a person who I have known for a few years and who became a good friend of mine and he never has pitched me on any company say to need to check this out.  Being that I respect him I said I would take a look.  After I started reviewing RE247365 Relationship Energy I was very impressed.

Now you know that is what we do.  That is what good friends do and what we call them in RE247365 Relationship energy Best Friends or BF’s.  Best friends share great opportunities when we find one.

So I am sharing this opportunity with all my best friends on the internet through my blog.

Want To Learn More About RE247365 Relationship Energy?

The company states that it was founded to help you help the people you know save money on products and services that they are already purchasing through someone or somewhere else.  By leveraging your relationships with our very competitive prices, RE 247365 Relationship Energy can show you how to build a recession proof, (Everyone Needs Electricity) Home Based Business where you and your family can enjoy immediate and long term income.

The RE247365 Relationship Energy business model is pretty simple:

  • No Selling
  • No recruiting
  • No need to do either above to make money with this company.
  • You just point or direct people to your RE247365 website

It cannot be that easy can it?  Oh yes it can.  Read on…


What Are The Products That RE247365 Relationship Energy Offer?

FIRST – WE sell electricity! A product that you must have. Think about it – People will pay their electricity bill before they pay their car payment, rent, mortgage or 401K plan! It’s a necessary product no matter the state the economy.

Peter “PJ” Jensen, Founder of RE says, “Electricity is the only product to build the perfect home based business around, period! Especially, with the tough economic times the country is experiencing. The first thing people stopped buying are non-essentials, things they “want,” not things they “need.” Often people will first drop their monthly “auto-ship” for lotions, potions, pills, powders, juice and all other high priced products and services. No one I know has stopped buying electricity. Some of those companies selling non-essentials have gone out of business, while energy companies and their independent representatives flourish. RE truly has a recession proof business model.”

Warren Buffett says, “The deregulation of energy will be the largest transfer of wealth in American business history.”RE247365 Relationship Energy Review Must Read First

RE has the largest footprint and the best energy-pricing desk in the industry. We have the best of three worlds:

  • RE has formed a strategic alliance/partnership with America Approved Energy Services (AAC), the leading energy consulting brokerage firm in the industry.
  • AAC has over 36 channel partner agreements with the top energy suppliers in America giving RE’s best friends and their relationships a true energy consulting platform.
  • This ensures the best rates for commercial and residential customers (friends) who comes in through RE.


Jon Gilbert, President & CEO of AAC says, “With our contracted relationships with a broad variety of suppliers, AAC and RE can provide our customers unprecedented rates, long term budget certainty, price protection, and secure service for years to come.”

Paula Batz, AAC’s Director of Pricing says, “The key to pricing commercial electricity is the speed and efficiency in pricing each account individually. AAC by far has the fastest and most efficient pricing desk in the industry which allows the friends of RE to experience cutting edge turnaround time and real-time pricing which translates into significant savings to their customers. By combining our fully automated mobile Residential platform and our Natural Gas platform you literally have the best of three worlds!”

Want to save money on your monthly Electric Bill?  Go get your electric bill and look to see what you are paying per KWH.  Most are from .10 cents to .15 cents per KWH.  Then go right here: ===>> I Want To Save Money On My Electric Bill <<===

Note:  Periodically we update Electric Company Providers so if you see a ” Coming Soon” Please check back for rates after the database has been updated.

NEXT – WE sell travel!

We are very excited to announce RE’s NEW and EXCLUSIVE travel program, exclusively for BFs. RE 24/7/365 has affiliated with Archer Travel, Montrose, California to provide the “RE Travel Concierge.”

RE247365 Relationship Energy Review Must Read FirstArcher Travel is a 60 year-old travel agency with the highest industry credentials and vendor relationships, licensed and bonded in fifty states.

The RE Travel Concierge program is exclusively YOURS! What is it? The finest person-to-person travel service for you and your customers available anywhere!

The RE Travel Concierge program includes:

  1. RE Resort Weeks. These are world class destinations – exotic and exclusive, and for BFs ONLY, at prices equal to 40% to 80% off published retail! Choose from over 7,000 locations, travel any time!
  2. Featured RE Trips. We call ‘em “RElax Destinations.” For BFs ONLY. Group RE exclusive trips! At specific locations and dates. A GATHERING of RE BFs in a culture-building environment. Fun, and unbelievable pricing! AND, you can even travel for FREE!
  3. Group Travel. Commissionable to BFs, the Concierge will assist you in setting up group cruises and travel, resulting in great commissions for you!
  4. Individual Travel. Again, commissionable to BF. Yes, the RE Concierge will assist you and your customers with your individual travel needs: Hotel, car rental, cruises, and vacation packages. Personalized service, AND the travel transactions are fully commissionable to you!
  5. International Air Desk. You think that air travel is not commissionable? At RE Concierge it IS. Great pricing and huge commissions on international flights.

All you do is simply call your personal RE Concierge – They will do the rest for you. No other company has these features – exclusively brought to you by RE and Archer – for you, the RE BF.

Want to save money on your Travel?  You can compare with Priceline, Hotwire, Travelocity, and any of the rest and Then go right here to get the best deal out of all the test………. ===>> I Want To Save Money On Travel Including Airline Tickets<<===

AND – WE provide sources for capital!

RE also provides sources for your business capital needs.

RE has formed a strategic alliance/partnership(s) with America Approved Investment Capital Funding (AAICF) and America Approved Commercial Lending (AACL,) two of the leading capital lending companies in business today. By RE aligning itself with AAICF/AACL, RE friends will have the opportunity to make a significant difference in their communities by helping business that need immediate short and long term funding, and you get paid to do it. AAICF services the funding needs from as little as $2,500 up to $1.5 million. In most cases businesses can have their money in 72 hours. With the world economy still affecting all of us, AAICF is the way America does banking.

AACL handles loans and venture capital needs from $1.5 million and above. AACL does land, real estate, commercial renovations and much, much more. By simply referring a loan prospect to one of our funding specialists you now have the opportunity to earn a commission upon completion of the transaction.RE247365 Relationship Energy Review Must Read First

Joe Galluzzo, V.P. of AAICF says, “We know that it’s often difficult to get a bank loan, and we know that there are businesses that need money today. At AAICF we have relationships with multiple lending partners that have the funds to do just that. By aligning with RE, AAICF can help small, medium to large businesses get the funds they need fast…in some cases in less than 72 hours! “When Banks Say No, We Say Yes!”

Tired of having Banks Say “No” on your business loan?  Want to finally have someone say “Yes” Then go here: ==> Yes I Want A Business Loan Now <== and fill out your information and get ready to hear Yes Your Approved….


RE247365 Relationship Energy Opportunity Get Paid Daily!

What I love about “RE247365 Relationship Energy” is that I truly believe that this is the first opportunity to have true residual income along with having more customers then affiliates. But for those who are looking for an amazing opportunity we have 3 solid business models to promote and earn a income from for such a low start up cost it would totally floor you as it floored me.

You know the old saying, “It’s important to recognize when you are in the right place at the right time.” Well, this is indeed one of those times. When you have successful people like Warren Buffet (one of the richest men in the world) making quotes like, “The deregulation of the energy will be the largest transfer of wealth in American business history,” you must pay attention to the facts and make an educated business decision to join RE today. It’s time to start eliminating debt and bills, and replacing them with income, saving money, spending more time with your family.

“Most Direct Sales Companies are all about recruiting, recruiting, recruiting and that’s the only way you can make money. RE allows you generate income by simply referring people you know (or don’t know 🙂 to your very own on-line energy company and telling people about saving money.”

So Now Its Your Turn:

Get Instant Access to Learn more about RE247365 Relationship Energy and our amazing opportunity by clicking below:

RE247365 Relationship Energy Review Must Read First


Wishing you tons of success and I will see you on the beaches of the world.

See you on the inside,







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  1. Ronald Harshman says:

    Very well written Blog, my friend. Just getting the facts out there for anyone who wants to save money, help others to save money, finance their business, help others to do so, build a home-based business, develop their own financial independence or just understand this amazing opportunity.

    So happy to have you on our team and so glad that we were able to get you back in your groove with a real and solid business.

    Wishing you all the success that you so richly deserve.

  2. Vince says:

    Ron, Thank you so much for your kind comments. Its going to be nice being able to help so many people. Glad to be part of an amazing team.

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  9. barbie says:

    Sounds like a Very Practical Business and interesting Concept. Looks like it fills a nice gap for people who want to save on everyday services and help others.

  10. Hi Vince 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this awesome review of RE247365, sounds interesting and a good business 🙂

    Best of luck to you with it!!!

    Helping others is key 🙂

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