Exitus Elite Review What Is Exitus Elite Read This Now

Exitus Elite Review What Is Exitus Elite Read This NowExitus Elite is taking the industry by storm.  This Exitus Elite Review is my experience with the company.  I will provide you exactly how it works, no sugar coating along with discussing how this company can be a fully automated business where you earn a income and sales are closed for you.  I will also discuss the number 1 team in Exitus Elite which is the Shadow Commission team that provides everything you need training, social media swipes, sales funnels, and a team so you will never be alone.  Make sure you read this blog till the end and take advantage of a FREE gift I am offering that will help you succeed in any business your in.  Ok, Ready, Set.. GO..  Start learning about Exitus Elite….

Exitus Elite Review: What Is The Exitus Elite Opportunity?

“Exitus Elite” is a company that where you can earn $1,300 plus a month by being an affiliate of the company.  The sky is the limit for you.  We have members making over $10,000 dollars a month and then some.  That’s a pretty awesome amount of cash you could potentially be earning.

In regards to ownership of the company, Exitus Elite’s owner is Paul Stevenson.

As for Paul Stevenson himself, he’s  been in the business of sales and home-based business for over 25 years. The Exitus Elite corporate bio shows that Paul is an expert when it comes to making money online, and he has worked not only as an affiliate, but also at the corporate level.

What Can You Tell Me About The Exitus Elite Products?

Exitus Elite offers the Genesis Product Package which is a world class membership portal and Genesis Education Library when combined with our fully automated sales system creates the perfect home and online business system.

Exitus Elites’s  educational products come in the form of MP3s, MP4s, and e-books. Topics that are covered included Personal and Professional Development, Marketing, and Health and Wellness.

Exitus Elite notes that the Genesis Product Package costs $1,300.   See the list of products by going  ==>  I want to review the educational products ,==== , or just click on the image below, but we also offer to everyone a real way to actually purchase the Genesis Product Package as a normal customer.

What Can You Tell Me About The Exitus Elite Compensation Plan?

If you want to start earning money with Exitus Elite, the price of the administrative fee is $299 per year.  This fee helps covers every aspect of your website and back office.

You then will need to purchase the Exitus Elite genesis library products.  This a “ONE TIME” investment for all the products in the genesis library.  If you haven’t seen all the hours and hours of training in the library then click the picture above.

The great thing is once you purchase the Exitus Elite genesis library you own it forever.  Any new products that get added you own.  If the price goes up you are grandfathered in.  These products are simply amazing and anyone from new business owner to expert will benefit from them.

You might be thinking but Vince that is $1300 dollars.  I agree with you.  It is.  But most other companies out there charge a monthly fee for products not even in the same caliber as the Exitus Elite Library and pay anywhere between $100 – $500 dollars a month for the rest of your life.  If you then quit the program you lose the training.

Just think if your paying $150 dollars a month for someone else’s training and your in it for 2 years then you have paid $3,600 dollars and will continue paying.  Then you decide to leave and its all down the tubes.

With Exitus for a one time investment you never have to pay monthly fee again and the training and features are yours forever.

A Win/Win for you…

So how do you get paid ?Exitus Elite Review What Is Exitus Elite Read This Now

Exitus Elite uses whats called a 1-up system that Exits Elite has constructed, What happens is the first person that joins you in Exitus is passed up to your sponsor.  This makes you qualified to earn 100% commission.

Yes you make 100% commission on everyone that joins you after you are qualified.  The great thing is and what could help you earn a fantastic commission is everyone you bring in after your qualified their first person gets passed up to you.

Example.  Person 1 – Goes to your sponsor

Person 2 – Goes to you and you receive 100% commission of $1,300 dollars

Person 2 Gets his first signup and that $1,300 gets passed up to you.

This will go on till infinity and beyond.

Exitus Elite Fully Automated Business EVA(Exitus Virtual Assistants)

So your ready to start earning a income online or add to your current business opportunity to create multiple streams of income.  How about a fully automated business where you do not have to do a thing but purchase a campaign which sends people who are hungry to have a business to you?  This is exactly what the two campaigns available in Exitus Elite do.

The other thing is with those two campaigns we have whats called EVA’s (Exitus Virtual Assistants).  These EVA’s will call and talk to your leads and they will close them for you on your behalf.  These EVA’s work with you to add to your exitus team and work for you 24/7 so that you basically set it and forget it.

What is the benefit of the EVA’s?  The EVA will receive $500 per sale and you will receive $800 dollars per sale.  The EVA’s do not make a commission unless you do.  So they are working for you.

But Vince I thought I got $1,300 dollars.  You do.  If you can talk to people and don’t want an automated business you can talk to your leads and do your own recruiting and get sales you receive the entire $1,300 dollars.

But if your like the 97% of people online who are not earning an income then the EVA’s closing sales and doing this all for you is the ticket.

Just imagine if they close 3 – 5 plus sales a month for you.  At a low close rate of 3 then you would make $2,400 dollars.  Could you use $2,400 dollars extra month?  I thought so.

Check out my video on the Exitus Elite Virtual Assistants.

My Exitus Elite Review:  The Shadow Commission Project Team:

This is another reason you should join me.  I am part of The Shadow Commission project team which is the number 1 income producing team in Exitus Elite.  The team is run by two amazing leaders Eric Green and Paul Turner.  Once you join our team you receive many amazing benefits that no other team is providing.

  1.  Free 30 day hands training private coaching that will get you off and running building your Exitus Elite team
  2. Done for you email and social media swipe that you just post and watch the leads and sales come in.
  3. Done for you funnels
  4. Wizard Campaign Swipe Copy
  5. 21 Day countdown to freedom blue print
  6. Access to six and seven figure earners
  7.  Your Never Alone And Won’t Be Hung Out In The Cold
  8. I am available to you whenever you need and will motivate and guide you to success.

We are the the number 1 income grossing team in Exitus Elite.  We are number 1 because we teach duplication.  We are showing you step by step and all you need to do is follow the steps out lined and you will be successful.

How To Join Exitus Elite:

First I am going to take you through the process of joining Exitus Elite.  I want you to see everything from start to finish and make sure that this is right for you.  I want to be your business partner but for this to work for us it needs to be a win/win situation.

I will be there with you every step of the way when you join and be there to answer any questions you have.  So I want you to go view a few more video’s before you join.  I will list the website below that has those video’s and the entire automated process.

  1.  Go right here and click on this link and get added to my email list ===> Get On My Exitus Email List <===
  2.  After you place your name and email address will take you to a page called Powerful Automated System:  Watch the video and then click on continue in the right bottom corner.
  3.  You will now be taken to three more videos ( The Campaigns, The Genesis Library, and the Exitus Pay Plan)  Watch all 3 then click on continue in the right bottom corner.
  4.  Note the website on top left should say “Your on the website of Vince Mazzie”  if it says anyone else you won’t be joining me..  Clear your cache and start from number 1 again.
  5. Next you will see a video with a person message from the owner Paul Stevenson.  Watch the video.  Paul is an amazing person and is building this company for all of our success.
  6.  Click Next Visit My Website
  7.  At this point it will take you to my Exitus Website.  You can again review more information by paging down or if ready click on Join Exitus Right Now..
  8. Follow the join steps.  Referrer should read workwithvince and then fill in the rest of the page.   This page is for your $299 membership fee.  Once done and you click on pay for membership it will take you to the Exitus Elite Page where you purchase your Exitus Elite Library.
  9. When done or if you have any questions reach out to me in Facebook or by my phone number listed under my picture below.
  10. I cannot wait to welcome you to our team and help you start to live the lifestyle you deserve.

I love helping others and providing value to the online business space and having tons of fun.

So here is the big question, Did you get value?  Comment below if you like these types of blog posts on Exitus Elite Review What Is Exitus Elite Read This Now.

If you did like this or even if you didn’t… LOL..  told you love having fun. you might enjoy a free e-book training by my millionaire mentor Robert Hollis.  Robert has allowed me to give this away absolutely FREE.  Its an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller.

This book will help you in any business your in.

Exitus Elite Review What Is Exitus Elite Read This Now

Is there anyone you can think of that would love to hear this message and receive this amazing book?  Lets help others by sharing this around.  Comment below if you got value.

I look forward to connecting with you at one of our future events, masterminds or in one of our cutting edge products and helping you in whatever way I can.
Believe in yourself and know that you CAN be great and create an inspiring life no matter who you are or what your circumstances.

To Your Abundance!

Vince Mazzie

Exitus Elite Review What Is Exitus Elite Read This Now

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