Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Tests Negative For Virus

Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Tests Negative For VirusAre you keeping up with the Ebola outbreak?  I know its been a hot topic lately and a disease we all should take serious.

With that being said I didn’t know that a animal could get the Ebola virus.

So when I was browsing MSN.com and saw the report about the Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog and that the dog tested negative.

I had to read a bit more about it and according to the story the nurse got Ebola while treating a patient that was infected.

I don’t think our health care workers get the credit they deserve.

If you want to learn more about the dog and its testing for “Ebola” read further down now.

Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Test Negative The Article

Here is the article that discusses the Texas nurse with Ebola’s dog.

DALLAS (Reuters) – The 1-year-old King Charles Spaniel belonging to a Dallas nurse infected with Ebola has tested free of the virus and will remain in isolation for the remainder of his 21-day monitoring period, the city of Dallas said on Wednesday.

“Bentley is doing great! Turns out he likes butt rubs,” Dallas spokeswoman Sana Syed wrote in a recent Tweet about the dog belonging to nurse Nina Pham, who is in good condition at a National Institutes of Health hospital in Maryland.Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Tests Negative For Virus

The pet, evacuated from Pham’s apartment, has been under the spotlight after officials in Madrid put down the dog of a Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for a patient.

If Bentley remains Ebola-free, he is likely to be released from Dallas Animal Services, where he is in a special isolation unit under the care of workers wearing protective suits, around the start of November.

The city has been sending pictures of the dog regularly to Pham, who is the first person to contract Ebola in the United States.

Read more of the article HERE

Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Test Negative Summary

You know this disease is not something to play around with.  Until I learn allot more about it I am going to continue to use good hygiene practices and hope that Ebola is contained.

We have a friend who works at a company trying to find a cure for Cancer and she posted on Facebook the other day stating that although Ebola is a serious disease that people who don’t get the Flu shot are more likely to die from the Flu then Ebola.

So I am getting my Flu shot… 🙂

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Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Tests Negative For Virus

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Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Tests Negative For Virus






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