Easy Steps For Marketing With Video To Get You Leads And Sales

Easy Steps For Marketing With Video To Get You Leads And Sales

Easy Steps For Marketing With Video To Get You Leads And Sales

Read this short blog on Easy Steps For Marketing With Video that Will Blow You Away.

Also watch the short video which explains why you need to be doing videos which will help you get leads and sales.

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Marketing Plan Video:  Why You Need To Have Video’s As Part Of Your Advertising Portfolio:

One of the great things about using video is that video done correctly will attract people to you.  You only need to do a video for 3 – 4 minutes.

I get asked but Vince I hate doing video’s.  Well my answer is get over it.  A video will help you build rapport over a long distance in a reputable manner.

Video’s will stay out there forever..   Yes forever…  This is like having a open store 24/7.

Video’s are actually simple once you know how to do them.

Here is a video that I just did explaining why you need to add video to your advertising arsenal.

Why Marketing Video Clips Are Good For Your Business:

You always want to provide value in business.  I always say Invest, Learn, Teach, and Profit.

To be successful in business you need to invest in yourself.  I have a saying.  The more you learn the more you earn.  It holds true.  I am always adding training and learning new skill sets.  Believe it or not allot of people come into the business world with zero experience.

Especially in a home business where a person recruits you and then tells you to talk to every friend and family you have.  Friends and family are nice.  They will listen.  But what happens when they stop.  You reach out to your sponsor and hear crickets.  Sad fact.

Investing in yourself allows you to learn other ways to market your business.  The is the true definition of an Entrepreneur.  Finding ways to get the word out about your opportunity.  The only way to do this is to invest in yourself with training.  I will share something pretty cool further down in the blog.


Creating A Internet Marketing Video:

Creating the video is pretty simple.  Go open yourself a YouTube channel.  Get your smart phone out.  Press the video button and start talking.  Part of Invest, Learn, Teach, and Profit is that once you invest in training and learn it , Then teach…

Your saying Vince why would someone listen to me?  Its easy they want to learn too.  When you learn and you start to teach and provide value then people will flock to you.  Then when they flock you will see profits.

One warning though it you sell..sell..sell and sell in your video’s that will turn people off.  Another old saying.  The more you help others the more others will help you…  Its really a cycle.  The more value you provide the more people will get to know you, like you, and trust you.  All of this is part of marketing.

Most importantly when doing video’s Have Fun… I love doing videos.  I love serving a profession in a way that is unique and fun.

Here is the big question, Did you get value?  Comment below if you like these types of Easy Steps For Marketing With Video To Get You Leads And Sales.

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