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Blab: Learn, Network and Market Yourself Daily

September 10, 2015

About ten days ago I discovered Blab, a livestreaming platform where anyone can start a public conversation with up to four people (three plus the host). Although I was annoyed because a lot of the active conversations were about the possibilities of Blab in online marketing, I decided to give it a try. (more…)

Affiliate Marketing The Best Tips For Success

September 9, 2015

Want to learn about affiliate marketing? We’ve got guides, tips and full blown tutorials to walk you through the process and help you earn money.

For those who aren’t familiar, Panda is a Google search filter that (in part) penalizes sites that have a large amount of thin or duplicated content. Panda has been a harsh filter for those using datafeeds in general – be they a merchant or an … 

In part one of this series – identifying the demographic – you got a good handle on who will be reading your blog based on your niche and where you social efforts should have the most impact  (more…)

Leverage Your Social Presence With These 7 Twitter SEO Tips

September 8, 2015

It was on Wednesday evening, February 4th, when Twitter made an agreement with Google to make its 140-character tweets more searchable online. Afterwards, on May 19th, Google was officially given full access to Twitter’s full stream of tweets, commonly called “Firehorse”. This was not the first deal between the two companies, so everybody was curious as to how it was going to differ from the previous one. Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, explained briefly that the main idea of the current agreement was to convert people who are not logged-into Twitter more effectively.

Sharing “Firehorse” is beneficial for all searchers as it is a unique way to get news really quickly. Plus, the real-time feedback which shows up in the SERPs is an amazing bonus for all of us! Above all, the deal proved to be beneficial for Twitter itself because it has “…increased the number of logged-out users coming to its site by 10-fold, apparently raising the number from 7.5 million per month to the current 75 million per month.”

Since the deal has been live for (more…)

Tips And Great Video Marketing Advice From The Experts

October 20, 2014

Tips And Great Video Marketing Advice From The ExpertsI created this Video Marketing blog because using the same marketing concepts over and over may be tiring.

You need to give your customers real and pertinent information. Have you considered video marketing?

If you have not considered Video Marketing , you might want to give it a shot. Video Marketing is a good way to get your name out there to people. (more…)

Make Your Next Trip Hassle-Free With These Tips

January 7, 2014

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, traveling can be a fun experience. Traveling can be expensive, though, when you combine airfare, hotel expenses and other costs.

These tips will show you how to travel economically and still have a good time getting there.

Travel When you are traveling in an airplane, it’s a good idea to wear slip on shoes that are light and comfortable. When you go through security checks, you will be required to take them off. Also, being comfortable is key during travel, to keep you from getting too tired and stressed. (more…)

How To Make Money In The Stock Market

November 20, 2013

How To Make Money In The Stock Market
The stock market can be exciting for all investors. There are many different investment vehicles, tailored to different financial goals and involving different amounts of risk. Regardless of what you choose to invest in, there needs to be some type of understanding about how the stock market operates. These tips will help you to sort out your portfolio. (more…)

Hello world!

October 17, 2013

Welcome to This is my first post. This will be the official website of Vince Mazzie. I am going to provide pure value and work to help everyone achieve their dreams and reach their goals.

To Your Success,
Vince Mazzie