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TSU Review Has Facebook Met Its Match? New Social Media Site

October 26, 2014

unnamedI wanted to do a TSU review for this new social media site that has recently launched.  I was recently introduced to TSU today and figured I would check it out.  My main point of social media like most other is Facebook.

But the sad thing about Facebook is that they seem to be changing the rules almost daily.  They make updates that most of us don’t like.  They claim to be for social media but if you accept to many friend requests you get put in Facebook jail.

Yes accepting too many friend request.  If you make a post to your own timeline and make another one too quickly you get a capatcha which means your close to being in FB jail and I am sure that you have seen some of what I am discussing.

The last straw with Facebook for me was when I could not even post my own blog to my wall.  I would need to put a capatcha in to post.  If your not familiar with what a capatcha is its a little picture or box of numbers that comes up and says type in the phrase or numbers above to proceed. (more…)