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Pennsylvania Trooper ambush suspect charged with terrorism

November 13, 2014

Pennsylvania Trooper ambush suspect charged with terrorismYou know it seems like daily now there is a report of a shooting whether its at a school or here ambushing state police.

I don’t understand what is happening to people that makes them snap like that.

But it is time for those involved in these crimes to pay for their actions.   (more…)

Brittany Maynard Terminally Ill Woman Ends Her Life On Her Terms

November 3, 2014

downloadBrittany Maynard ends her life.  Not sure how people feel about this but my feelings are that I respect her decision.  She was able to end her life with dignity and allot of people do not get that chance.

When you try everything and the Doctor says your going to die a painful death no matter what you do then why would it not be ok to end your life on your term?

I know there are allot of religions out there that are against it and I understand where they are coming from.  But I have to believe an all loving GOD would not want a person to suffer like that and hold it against them if they decided to not go through it.

I was thinking about what if this was me.  First I live in a state that does not allow this.  Brittany moved to Oregon which has a Death With Dignity Act and she could.   (more…)

Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Tests Negative For Virus

October 22, 2014

Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog Tests Negative For VirusAre you keeping up with the Ebola outbreak?  I know its been a hot topic lately and a disease we all should take serious.

With that being said I didn’t know that a animal could get the Ebola virus.

So when I was browsing and saw the report about the Ebola-Infected Texas Nurse Dog and that the dog tested negative.

I had to read a bit more about it and according to the story the nurse got Ebola while treating a patient that was infected.

I don’t think our health care workers get the credit they deserve.

If you want to learn more about the dog and its testing for “Ebola” read further down now. (more…)

Snapchat Photo Leaks Hacked Time To Wake Up

October 13, 2014

Snapchat Photo Leaks Hacked Time To Wake UpSnapchat photo leaks are not the first service to get hacked and people see their photo’s being released online.  There have been more services other then snapchat where hackers were able to steal thousands of photo’s and some photo’s were nude pictures.

It really is time to wake up and realize that nothing is safe.  Also time to think that if your going to take a picture of yourself that you don’t want everyone to see then think twice before you take the picture. (more…)