5 Easy Steps To Make Money From Home Read This Now

5 Easy Steps To Make Money From Home Read This NowI don’t normally say its easy to make money from home because normally you need to really put the time and effort into it.

But with our company Relationship Energy(RE) its not hard at all if you follow the 5 simple easy steps to make money from home that I am going to outline in my post below.

So if you are looking for 5 easy steps to make money from home you have come to the right place.  If you follow the steps I am going to outline then you will have no problem at all. 

Easy Steps To Make Money From Home What’s Your Why?

The reason that I ask this question is without a “why” its hard to keep motivated in any business.  Because lets face it.  When you work from home you are working for yourself.  Yes you may have a sponsor who approached you about a business and you joined them.  But a sponsor cannot do the work for you.

When you want to make money from home it takes loads of dedication, time out of your day, a positive attitude when things may not go your way, and many more that I could list but will save that for another blog post.

I always tell my team that no matter the opportunity that you are in and no matter how much you want to “make money from home” that the only person either stopping you from living your dreams and making that extra money is you.  5 Easy Steps To Make Money From Home Read This Now

If you take anything from this blog its that You “Must Treat Any Opportunity As A Business and Be Serious About It”  Going at your business half hearten or as a hobby will leave you wondering why you have zero results.

So here are some questions that  I have for you and if you answer “NO” to any hen just walk away now and don’t read any further.

Are You Serious About Learning To Make Money From Home?

Are You Dedicated to put the time in it takes to Make Money From Home?

Can You Follow Direction ?

Are you trainable?

Do You have A Great Attitude?

Will you give it 90 days to be successful and to see results?

Again if you answered No to any of the questions this is not for you.  But if you answered Yes then I believe you have what it takes to make money from home.  You just need to know how to do it…

Follow These Easy Steps To Make Money From Home And Earn $50 Dollars To $1,000’s or More..

First a little about our company.  We provide the opportunity for anyone with a business to save on their commercial electric bills.

We have 3 sources of Income within RE for you to make money from home and they are Travel, Business loans, and Commercial Energy and soon Residential Energy.

5 Easy Steps To Make Money From Home Read This NowBut with what we have to offer the big, big, really BIG money in RE is in commercial energy.

You can literally make thousands of dollars per deal (based on the size of the deal).

I am talking up front commissions, plus residuals.  You will be paid as soon as you submit a new deal. That’s right…  You will be paid a $50 dollar bonus just for submitting a deal and that is $50 dollars for every deal you submit and not counting the residuals when they switch to our companies electric provider.

So you get $50 dollars no matter if a company moves or not but if they do then that is where residual’s come into play.

I know your thinking about talking to every business you know and don’t know right?

Step 1.  You must be part of our company to make any commissions at all.  We actually provide 125% commissions in addition to everyone that joins our company or joins under you.

Go right here and click ==> Yes I Want To Learn More <==

Step 2.  Your signed up right?  Then email me at email@workwithvince.com and let me know you are now a part of my team and RE and I will email you back the Rate Request Form and Letter of Authorization Form (LOA)

Step 3.  Call someone you know that has a business any business and simply tell them the following:
“Hi Bob, it’s Joe.
Listen, I need a favor.
I just joined this company today
and they are telling me that I can
save you significant money on your electric bill.
I want to see if that is true!
All I need is the last three (3) months
of your commercial electric bills
to do a “FREE” energy crunch
to see if I can save you money!
Can I come by and pick those up today
and see if it’s true!”
Step 4.  Go get the bills or have them scan and email them to you .  Fill out the Rate Request Form and the LOA and fax them into RE and Get Paid $50 dollars…  Its really that simple..
Step 5.  Repeat Steps 2 and 3 and that is how you make money from home in a few easy steps.
Step 6.  (Bonus Step)  Reach out to every business in your area or abroad.  Wouldn’t you think that the business would want to save money on their electric bill?  I believe everyone would want to and think about how many companies that you can help do just that and your earning a income too.

Make Money From Home Whats Next

The great thing about our company is no matter how much income you need to generate it just takes a few simple steps to make money from home.  If you follow them to a T you can start to generate the income that you would help you and your family.

The sky really is the limit with our company.  It ends up being up to you if you are willing to treat this as a business.  You know you don’t have to have any experience at all since we provide you unlimited training and resources to learn to make money from home.

You can be a college student with a few hours a day or working a full time job and want to earn extra income to save for a family vacation or maybe you have lost your job and are not finding the right replacement and you need to start producing income for your family.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make money from home we have you covered.

For those of you who don’t know me,  I just Love to write and offer my opinion, provide reviews,  talk about my life, talk about top stories of the day,  recommend products, Articles, Videos, help people earn residual income, pretty much anything that will help improve or change your life.

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Now Its your Turn….

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5 Easy Steps To Make Money From Home Read This Now

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